Program Evaluation

        Curriculum Development

        Event  Planning

        Service  Learning

        Curriculum  Alignment


        *Note most items under the     

        assessment tab are also

        consulting service for non

        therapy clients.



         Skill Development


        Sexual  Harassment

        Anger  Management

        Parenting Practices

        Test Performance

        Personality Testing

        Strategic Planning


Consulting Services Include but are not limited to:

Consulting services include  corporate trainings, workshops and retreats. Topics include diversity, sexual harassment, personality testing, strategic planning, negotiations or goal achievement. I have worked with nonprofits, juvenile detention facilities, educational institutions (K-12,  college, and university). I can create curriculum, policy, and procedure. I have worked with Kent ISD, Ottawa ISD, Ottawa Detention Center, Detroit Health Department, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership, Crisis Care Network and many others to create curriculum, write policy, train and evaluate program outcomes. I have a specialized degree in applied Developmental Science and Program Evaluation.