Counseling Services Include but are not limited to:





        Personality Disorders

        Domestic Violence


        Physical/Sexual Abuse

       Risk and Resiliency

       Sexual Identity/Orientation





         Trauma & Stress


        Impulse Control

        Anger Management

        Deaf and HOH

        Obsessive Compulsive

       Attention Deficit



Counseling services include treating those who are experiencing normal life transitions including career and educational decisions, marriage, time management, and interview preparation. I also see clients who are struggling with current stress or adjustment concerns related to circumstances such as divorce, grieving, sexual orientation/gender identity or loss of a career. Perhaps because I am deaf in mid and high frequency, I take great pride in helping others adjust to physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities in terms of coping and identity. 

Helping clients overcome and/or cope with anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, or attention deficit is particularly rewarding because the disorders are highly responsive to treatment but can be debilitating without treatment.  I am also experienced working with those who have more chronic disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia or personality disorders.

I see clients who have experienced domestic violence, rape, and other forms of abuse. I also see those who struggle with anger, aggression and impulse control with the exception of sexual assault. In my experience, it is best for these individuals to see someone who specializes exclusively in sexual assault. In similar fashion, I treat those who experience functional use of a substance and I do substance use evaluations. However, I feel strongly that severe addiction needs to be addressed by a psychologist who specializes in substance  abuse and preferably in an inpatient setting.