Davison Nicholas, MA

Limited License Professional Counselor

​Kalamazoo, MI

It is my personal and professional belief that everyone is capable of discovering their most authentic and successful self, but may occasionally need assistance in their journey to personal enrichment. I have been lucky enough to find those people in my own life, and I consider it an honor to serve that purpose for my clients in a warm, welcoming, yet professional fashion. I respect the individual needs of varying cultural backgrounds, and enjoy finding common ground with varying clientele.
I specialize in substance abuse, behavior challenges in adolescents and young adults, and work within the LGBTQIA community. I specialize in treatment of trans* individuals (transgender, non-binary, agender, fluid, gender queer, etc), and have provided individual, family, couples, and medical referral services.
As a transgender woman myself, I understand the unique challenges that face not only trans* clients, but of individuals from all walks of life who are struggling. My practice is based on mutual respect, a safe therapeutic environment, and a guarantee of client-centered treatment that promotes growth and peace.

Java Holliday, MA

Limited License Professional Counselor

​Battle Creek, MI

Life is a challenge, regardless of who you are or your place in life. While I believe that all unique individuals are capable of self-love and self-healing, I also know from over 15 years of experience working with people that we all need a little help finding our way from time to time. I am glad that my professional and personal experiences have equipped me to help a wide range of people during difficult times of change or transition, and that I am able to offer my services to those in need.

My professional background is varied with years in the public school system and with people in a mental health capacity. I have had great success with a wide variety of clientele, especially young girls and women dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts, and other emotional challenges (anxiety, low self-esteem, post traumatic stress disorder, and trauma.)

Do not spend another day suffering alone. Allow me to utilize my years of experience and expertise to bring you relief and move towards the life you've always wanted.

Alison McClure, MA

Temporary Limited License Psychologist

Grand Rapids, MI

Throughout my career I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults with issues ranging from severe mental illness to daily life stressors.  I specialize in trauma focused therapy and substance use therapies.  While not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading fiction novels, and gardening.  I believe in integrity in all aspects of life and am passionate with aiding individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. I hold a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. I obtained my Bachelor's of Science- Psychology from Aquinas College and am a proud Alumni.   

Nathaneal Cropsey, MA

Limited License Professional Counselor

​Battle Creek, MI

Each person is living their unique story as they move through life. I have a passion for walking alongside people as they look to overcome the obstacles in front of them or work through the things from the past that may be holding them back. Through implementing a variety of counseling techniques, we can walk through the obstacles of life like anger, anxiety, depression, relationships, and grief together and begin to move holistically toward healing.

I have been working with youth for 7 years, and I have a passion for helping young people through the stresses and challenges of our fast-paced society. I desire to help teens and their families gain hope and attain peace in the midst of varying challenges in today’s world. In addition, I have experience in working with young children and adults of all ages. Wherever you are in your life, I aspire to help you gain healing and bring hope to your story. 

Dr. Hiral Patel,  PsyD
Doctoral Limited License Psychologist

Grand Rapids, MI

My therapy philosophy is based on the importance of treating individuals with dignity and respect. I believe that human beings are dynamic, capable of change and restoration; consequently, I have a deep respect for their resilience and strength. My approach to client care is to identify, utilize, and enhance the client’s unique strengths to empower them to heal and reach their goals. I believe that a trusting relationship between the therapist and the client is fundamental to the process of therapy. Therefore, I strive to create a confidential, safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space for clients to own and process their experiences, while promoting change through healing and growth.

 I have worked with a wide variety of clients in a number of settings. Some of the issues that I focus on are anxiety, mood disorders, grief and loss, trauma, LGBTQI issues, relationship difficulties, life transitions, addiction, and co-occurring mental health issues. Using evidence based treatments, I tailor my approach around the client, working to meet his/her unique needs and goals.

Teresa Miller,  MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

My passion is helping others find ways to navigate all that this ever-changing, fast-paced world can throw at us. For 10 years I have worked with adults, adolescents, and their families. If you are suffering because life has given you obstacles you don't feel you can overcome, I can help.

By getting to know you, I will help you identify just what is holding you back from the life you want to live. We will talk, set goals, and make a plan that you can work, so that you can feel good about moving forward in your unique and beautiful life.

Some of the major life issues I have helped others navigate: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief and loss, addiction, self-doubt, adjustment to a new way of life, and many others.

Amanda Elston, MA

Limited License Psychologist

Grand Rapids, MI

Every life journey is as unique as the individual embarking on it. Just as we as individuals differ, so too should our experiences in therapy. My goal as your therapist is to support you in your journey forward by meeting you where you are at each session, evaluating your needs and wants, and assisting you in developing and implementing a plan for achieving your goals.

I have experience working with children and adults alike, on a variety of challenges - from life transitions and adjustment to severe and chronic mental illness. Guidance, motivation, exploration, insight, understanding, healing; whatever it is you seek from therapy, I can help.

I am passionate about the work I do, and look forward to walking alongside you as you take this next step in your life journey!

Kristie Hamilton, MA

Limited License Professional Counselor

​Grand Rapids, MI

​​My passion as a dedicated and adaptable LLPC is guiding others in achieving their personal potential. My work experience of 9 years in the child welfare field includes working with children and adults individually with needs including trauma, domestic violence, substance use, parenting support, relationship difficulties, mental health and child abuse. During therapy, we will focus on your strengths and help you find solutions that work and are maintainable over time. Where you are headed is much more important that what you've left behind. Let me help you take those next steps to get you to the next level and reach your true potential.

Dr. Urminda Firlan, PhD

Fully Licensed Psychologist

Each person is on a unique life journey. I look forward to learning where you are on your journey and how I can help you create the life you desire. It is not about dwelling on the past but about using life lessons to move forward in a positive way. Even our most difficult life experiences bring us wisdom, character and integrity. If you are at a low point on your journey, therapy provides an opportunity to sort through the complexities, decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed and make real progress on your current life challenges.
If you are experiencing a high point on your journey or just striving to hit a high point, therapy can help with goal setting, research, and execution of your plan. Having someone to help problem solve and hold you accountable provides a direct path to achieving your dreams.
If you are coasting along with no obstacles but at the same time, no real passion; it is time to make a change! Life is meant to be exciting, adventurous, and rewarding. I look forward to meeting you and working together to create your vision for your life journey. I earned my PhD from Michigan State University in 2000. We have a diverse team of therapists at Life Journey but the common thread you will find is that our therapists are responsive to clients, we are accessible by phone or text when you need us, we get you in for an appointment right away and we work hard to accomplish your goals and help you create the life you envision. We know that life is complex, we continue to change and grow with you as your needs shift.

Kim Lichon-Tufer, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

​Grand Rapids, MI

My passion is helping others find ways to manage their challenges in this ever-changing journey we call life. For over 17 years I have worked with adults, children, adolescents, and their families in a variety of settings; including home, school, office, and in community settings. I pride myself in building therapeutic relationships with each individual I work with. By achieving this, I believe we can then work together to help you identify just what is challenging you currently to get you to the life you choose to live successfully. We will talk, set goals, and make a plan together, utilizing your positive characteristics, so that you can feel good about success, and to help you live the life you want.

I am a strengths based therapist, who focuses on utilizing each individual’s unique qualities and strengths to help them move forward. I have worked with kids who have experienced minor to significant trauma in their life, through both individual and group therapy settings.  I have a specialization in children, adolescents, and young adults with cognitive impairments, on the Autism spectrum, and/or behavioral challenges.  I have also worked with individuals on issues of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, PTSD, CBT, DBT, grief and loss, school challenges, peer pressure, bullying, and many others.  I look forward to meeting you  and working with you to help you through whatever challenges you may currently be experiencing!



Michele Figuereo, MA

Limited License Professional Counselor

​Grand Rapids, MI

​I believe that through a safe and judgment-free therapeutic relationship true growth, empowerment, and healing can occur in any individual's life. As a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor I have an extensive range of clinical experience providing mental health services for depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, grief, family and relationship issues, career exploration, and the LGBT population. All are welcome here. I see clients starting at age 10 through adult and welcome you to take a step towards a better quality of life and self care by contacting me to set up an appointment.

Brian Willshire, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

​Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek MI

We all belong to formal and informal groups with rules. Change the rules/thought patterns you follow, and you change your life. My life has been greatly shaped by trying to be the best Catholic/Christian I can be and have worked with lots of people with no, little, or different religious experience. (We only discuss faith if it is the issue.)

Previously, I was a middle school counselor for 16 years and an 8th grade English teacher for 12 years before that. I worked with students and their families dealing with cutting, depression, anxiety, bullying, peer-pressure/relations, 504s, and any other life issue that arose.

Please know I am open to working with high school aged clients as well and am looking forward to working with adults struggling with their faith walk due to anxiety and/or depression.

Rebecca Turner, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

Grand Rapids, MI

Having been a school counselor for over 20 years now, I am excited to be joining the Life Journey Psychological Services team! I will continue doing my school counseling with middle schoolers and will also be available to clients at Life Journey from 4 PM until 10 PM on Monday through Friday and 8 AM until 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. I feel blessed to be able to work with amazing people everyday! What a joy to watch children and adults grow through difficult times to reach their full potential.

Having been in recovery for 30 plus years myself, as well as having a S.P.A.D.A. Certification, I am very qualified to work with addictions/compulsions of any type. My areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, substance abuse, body image issues, self-esteem concerns, and anything having to do with the L.G.B.T.,and Q. arena. I welcome you all and truly look forward to getting to know you, helping you develop healthy coping skills, discovering your true beauty, and working with you to accomplish whatever goals you may have.

A little bit about me personally…..I am blessed with three amazing children, ages 18, 22, and 23. I am married to my soulmate. I have a Labradoodle named Daisy. I love reading, live music, painting furniture, playing with/arranging flowers, and spending time with friends and family.

Mark Squeteri, MSW

Licensed Master Social Worker 

​Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek MI

​Beginning therapy can be daunting, which is why I work with each person to create an environment that feels warm and supportive for him or her. I aim to establish a connection and identify strengths to build a positive therapeutic relationship, because the relationship between the client and therapist is the truest predictor of how helpful the counseling experience will be for an individual.  

My goal is to guide and empower clients to make important, meaningful changes. I primarily use the methods of strength-based and person-centered talk therapy to achieve these outcomes.  I believe every person has the capacity to tap into their intuitive selves, and use that wisdom to improve their life. Positive changes in life are possible for each.  Together we can make those possible.